Delete email account in Windows Phone

Open your stock Settings app on your Windows mobile phone. following that, go to Accounts. Here you can find several options like Sign-in options, Work Access, Kid’s Corner, Apps Corner etc. You can also find Your email and accounts. Just tap on it.

It will show you all the email accounts that you have added to your mobile to get the mails. Now, select an email account that you want to delete or remove from Windows Phone 10. Tap on the email account and select Manage. You will get the manage option like this:

After that, another pair of options will be appear. Here, you can either Change mailbox sync settings or Delete account. Just tap on Delete account.

On the following screen, you will get a confirmation message. You will have to select Delete to confirm the deletion.

That’s it! In this way, you can remove as many email account as you want from Windows Phone.