What is Smart lock?


Google Smart Lock works with your devices using Android and/or Google to remember your passwords (including Android smartphones, Chrome and apps, and Chromebooks)   


It has a number of different functionalities, including allowing you to set security bypasses in certain places or when you connect to certain devices, allowing you to skip your screen lock type giving you quicker access to your device.





Smart Lock is a feature of devices running Lollipop and Marshmallow. Click here to find out how to check which OS version you have on your device.


1. To access Smart Lock on a device running Marshmallow:


(scroll down to step 2 see how to enable Smart Lock on a device running Lollipop)


1.1. From the home screen, select Apps.



1.2. Select Settings.



1.3. Select Lock screen and security.


Lock screen and security 

1.4. Select Secure lock settings. Note: if this option is not there, you will need to set a screen lock.


Secure Lock Settings 

1.5. Select Smart Lock.


Smart Lock 


A list will now appear displaying the Smart Lock options. See step 3 for how to use the Smart Lock options.


Smart Lock options 


2. To enable Smart Lock on a device running Lollipop:



2.1. From the home screen, select Apps.



2.2. Select Settings.



2.3 Select Security (you may need to scroll down a little)


Security Settings  


2.4 Select Trust Agents under Advanced (scroll to the end)


Trust Agents 


2.5 Toggle the Smart Lock (Google) to on, then press the back button


Enable Smart Lock 


2.6 An option for Smart Lock will now appear under the Advanced section in Settings. Tap Smart Lock.


Smart Lock enabled 


2.8 Enter your pin, pattern or password (or create one as prompted)




2.9 A list will now appear displaying the Smart Lock options.


Smart Lock options

3. Setting your Smart Lock options


Trusted devices


This will allow you to connect to selected devices automatically. These devices can include smart watches, car Bluetooth or NFC stickers.

To add a new trusted device, select Add trusted device and follow the steps.


Trusted devices 


Trusted places

This will allow you to save locations such as home or work. When in these locations, you won’t have to enter your screen lock to unlock your screen.


To add a new trusted place:

1. Select Add trusted place.


Trusted Place 

2. Choose your current location, or move the map to the location you’d like. Tap Select this location.


Select trusted places 


To remove a location

1. Select the location you’d like to remove.


Remove location 

2. Select Turn off this location.


 Turn off location 


Trusted voice

Once set up, Trusted voice allows you to use “OK Google” without having to unlock your device.

“OK Google” is a voice search function on Android devices. It also will perform other functions on your device such as reading your text messages for you, or setting an alarm.


On-body detection

Having this activated will mean that your device will stay unlocked when you’re holding your device, or carrying it in your pocket or handbag.

To turn it on or off,  tap the switch.


on body